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Thanks again for showing interest in Bergen Arbor Cutting. We hope that our website has been informative and helpful in giving you the information that you need. As always, feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions.

We’ve decided to include an about page on our website so that you can learn a little bit about us and our philosophy and background. Keep reading to find out more!

Bergen Background

Our Story

As you may have guessed it, our family owned company comes from a long line of proud Norwegians. Carefully kept family history traces us back to the Vikings. When our great grandfather, Tomas Asklund, moved to America from Bergen, Norway and settled in Minnesota, he knew that it wouldn’t be that much different from being home in Norway. There were plenty of trees. There was a ton of snow. To top it all off, it was very cold. Tomas originally was working doing some farm work in some of the plains. However, he was constantly getting hired to do odd jobs that included clearing new tracts of land for farming and construction.

Tomas excelled in this area and was soon one of the top call tree clearing men in Duluth. He saw that this business was lucrative and decided to make his side job a full time business. He named it after his hometown of Bergen in memory of the old land. Today, Bergen Arbor Cutting still stands as one of the top tree services in the area!